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Mouse Trap


Walk the Plank Bucket Mouse Trap, Includes 2 Ramps – Commercial Grade Humane Mouse Trap Killer, Mice Exterminator Control for Indoor & Outdoor – Get Rid of Mice without Sticky Glue Trap & Poison

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  • EFFECTIVE & EASY SET UP – The Hoont Walk the Plank Bucket Mouse Trap is easy to set up and allows catching
    an unlimited amount of mice at once. Simply place the mouse trap onto a standard bucket (not included) and
    fill the bucket half-way with water. Specially designed magnets automatically reset the mouse trap and make
    it ready for the next catch. Powerful mouse trap solution; enjoy flawless and effortless performance!
  • ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC FORCE – Features an adjustable magnetic system; simply adjust the magnetic force on the
    mouse trap for your precise performance preference. Unlike other similar traps, the Hoont Walk the Plank
    allows tweaking its magnetic force and is therefore guaranteed to work in every type of environment and will
    catch every type of mouse.
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE PLASTIC – Long lasting mouse trap with endless amount of mouse kills. Made with commercial
    grade plastic and may be used for indoors and outdoors mice control. Perfect for trapping mice at home,
    barns, warehouses, yards, etc.
  • 100% SAFE - The Hoont Walk the Plank Bucket Mouse Trap is safe to use around animals and pets. Kills mice
    without sticky mouse traps, mice poison or dangerous springs; mice walk up the ramp to reach the bait placed
    on the plank and then get dunked into the water. Bucket mouse traps are the most effective and economic mice
    control trap for multiple mice catches.
  • NO MESS – Discarding the dead mice is a breeze with absolutely no mess. No blood and no touching of dead
    mice; to discard the exterminated mouse. Simply spill the bucket of water together with the mice and place
    the bucket mouse trap back to its location ready for its next round of mice trapping. / PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1
    Walk the Plank Mouse Trap, 2 Ramps (Use one ramp or both, depending on the height of your water bucket.).
    Includes easy to follow instructions.
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Dimensions10 x 8 x 3 in


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