Hoont Powerful Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest and Animal Repeller – Motion Activated [UPGRADED VERSION]

Hoont Powerful Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest and Animal Repeller – Motion Activated [UPGRADED VERSION]

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Solar Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal Repellent and Pest Repeller – Sound Dog deterrent, Mouse Repellent, Squirrel Trap Repeller, Bird Deterrent – Motion Activated Electronic Pest Control

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  • POWERFUL ANIMAL DETERRENT – Blasts all animal intruders out of your property by emitting powerful ultrasonic
    sounds and flashing LED lights. Eliminate roaming pest animal problems with this aggressive ultrasonic and
    flashing light animal repeller. Features 7 sensitivity settings. Get rid of Deer, Birds (Pigeons,
    Woodpeckers, Seagulls, etc.), Cats, Dogs, Bears, Squirrels, Rabbits, Skunks, Bats, Rats, Foxes, Raccoons,
    Mice and much more.
  • HOW IT WORKS – The Hoont Animal Repeller blasts a range of powerful ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED
    strobe lights to scare away a wide variety of pests. Equipped with an infrared motion sensor, the pest
    repeller is activated as soon as a pest animal is detected. Features three (3) ultrasonic frequency
    settings, plus an optional on/off LED flashing light.
  • SOLAR POWERED & EASY TO INSTALL – No wiring and no batteries to replace or recharge; features a solar
    panel on top of the device that harnesses the sun’s energy and recharges the batteries (3 AA rechargeable
    batteries included). / Can also be recharged via USB. Simply take it out of the box, stick it into the
    ground with the included metal stake.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – No messy chemicals or pesticides, no traps, no dead animals. The Hoont Solar Powered
    Ultrasonic Animal Repeller gets rid of all animals through emitting a mixture of ultrasonic sounds and
    powerful flashing LED strobe lights, frightening the intruding animals and pests to leave the area.
  • WEATHERPROOF & WATER-RESISTANT – Solid hard plastic construction for withstanding years of rain, snow,
    ice and wind. Perfect for yards, patios, driveways, garages, attics, porches, boats, gardens, farms, ponds,
    etc. / PIR Motion sensor: Detects motion from up to 30 Ft. / Size: 6” x 3.5” x 2” / Upgraded for top
Weight3.95 lbs
Dimensions116.6 x 11.8 x 4 in

60 reviews for Hoont Powerful Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest and Animal Repeller – Motion Activated [UPGRADED VERSION]

Having had a mouse problem for some time, this item was a real boon to us! The greatest feature was the harmless way it deters the little rascals, it is environmentally safe too, no nasty chemicals or poisons. The unit is nicely designed and even features a solar panel (rechargable batteries included). There has been no sign of mice or neighbourhood cats frequenting our garden lately. We have a clean and hygenic garden now, thank you!

I am quite impressed with this high-tech gadget. Firstly it seems to be very effective at keeping birds and animals away from my prized fruit trees and I noticed I do not need to clean up any birds’ mess since installing this in the garden. It is rather important to me to be environmentally friendly so I like that this is an energy saving solar powered product and there is no need for any harsh chemicals sprays.

This is great to ward off all animal intruders. Blasts all animal intruders out of your property by emitting a powerful ultrasonic sound and flashing several LED lights. Eliminate roaming pest animal problems with this aggressive ultrasonic and flashing light animal repeller. Features three ultrasonic frequency settings depending on the size of the problem, plus an optional on/off LED flashing light. A great way to put off anything that may be lurking in your garden ready to pounce.

Living out in a rural area might bring in all sorts of pests and wild animals to your door. This device helps to scare away these animals using LED lights and ultrasonic sounds, not chemicals and pesticides. It’s a nice alternative to the unfriendly chemicals you may know. It’s a bargain at about $40, and is a great alternative to harsh chemicals. If this is a problem you see yourself facing often, then maybe considering this device is for you.

Since I moved into my house, I have been kept up at night by raccoons in my trash can. It was very frustrating and exhausting to get out of bed and chase them off several nights a week. I have not had that problem since I purchased this repeller. I placed it a few feet away from the trash cans. It is subtle near bushes and does not detract aesthetically from my garden. I have not yet had to touch it again since I staked it into the ground. It just does its job and gives me the peace of mind to sleep.

This is an extremely great product to own. I live nearby wooded forests and frequently get visits from the local wildlife. Ever since i installed the animal repellent i have seen a dramatic decrease in sightings and can now enjoy my backyard without fear of being intruded on. The price is also very reasonable and have already encouraged a few of my neighbors to purchase one for their homes as well. So grateful these exist.

I wouldn’t want to hurt animals but they can be a pest so I wanted something to repel them without feeling bad about it. This ultrasonic animal repeller is perfect for the job. Delivered quickly and packaged very well, I was eager to use it. I am very pleased with it and have even recommended it to family and friends who are having the same type of problem. Don’t hesitate, I thoroughly recommend this product.

An excellent product is available for you to get complete rid of pests and keeps you garden pest free. Protect your kitchen garden, flower beds etc from loosing their beauty and lives. It won’t make any increase in your energy bills as it uses solar energy to make you more relaxed and keeps you happy with your bills. So you are just one step away from this wonderful product that has been designed for your ease and to give you pest free garden.

The Ultrasonic Animal Repeller arrived at my door step in great condition, and getting it set up and working did not take as long as I thought it would. It really does help me have an excellent time in my small backyard, whether I just want to run around or I need to mow the lawn, without having to deal with bugs like flies and mosquitoes. I was really skeptical about this product, but it turns out this repeller works excellently.

I had trouble with animals destroying my flower beds. I used it and the result was amazing. I am no longer see any animal. It works well even after several snow storms and the battery lass long. Very pleased with the product. I have watched rabbits walk up to my garden, then turn around and run away once the repeller picks up their motion. I just ordered a second for our front yard. Great to use anywhere.

The Hoont Animal Repeller is a must have. I find the waterproof, solar-powered animal repeller a great device to keep rodents out of the yard and trash. I love knowing the animals are not getting hurt, just scared, so there is no rodent clean up to have to worry about. It is easy to charge with a USB, but being solar powered you do not have worry about it! Having this device helps keep my garden safe at night, rodents out of the trash, and no night-time surprise visitors!

Hoont’s solar powered, ultrasonic outdoor pest controller is motion activated (up to 30 feet!) with ultrasonic sounds and flashing lights to ward off unwanted visits from dogs, squirrels and birds; the LED flashing lights can also be turned on and off. It’s made of hard plastic and doesn’t just have to be used outside – it’s also suitable for garages and attics. Another positive is the device comes with the 3 AA rechargeable batteries needed, saving the cost of buying those!

I absolutely love this device. It’s small, effective and repels all kinds of animals. So easy to set up and use and works almost immediately. Once it’s plugged in, you’re good to go and you have nothing to worry about. I’m honestly surprised as to how cheap and affordable it is, the build quality is pretty good considering the price and because it’s solar powered, it’s energy efficient and works flawlessly. Even better, it’s not constantly on because it’s go motion sensors. Definitely buying more to place around my property.

This product is simple and easy to use – the settings are easy to switch between and do exactly what they say. We have a cat and if we put it on the lower settings he isn’t disturbed by it at all. Solar recharging works very well – have never needed to change the rechargeable batteries. Does not look at all unslightly in the ground either – can place in a corner of the garden so is subtle

This repeller was so easy to install! It took less than 10 minutes total to get it all set up and ready to go, I was actually very surprised! It works like a charm repelling the pesky skunks and squirrels. This product also survived through a tropical storm, which really sealed the deal for me on this product. If you don’t have one of these repellers, you need to get one! You will not regret it!

Hoont powerful solar powered ultrasonic outdoor pest and animal repeller is an excellent device that I will recommend to those who wants a peace of mind from pest disturbances. A good product to try. You may use it at both your office and homes. This product is also easy to use both in indoors and outdoor places, it is very environmental friendly and requires no regular maintenance which are sometimes expensive. It is a good brand to use to have the best customer experience.

This repeller does a great job of keeping away mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. It is motion activated and solar powered so after we installed it I don’t have to worry about it. We also don’t hear it when it’s on and it doesn’t give off any bad smells like bug candles do. I also like that it keeps away other critters like rats and raccoons. Overall, I am really pleased with it and I would recommend it to a friend.

Wow, this Hoont Powerful Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal & Pest Repeller – Motion Activated product is a must have when it comes to keeping away unwanted wide variety of pests in your backyard, home, farm area, etc. It’s also humane and environmental friendly. Plus, it’s weather proof and it’s water resistant. It’s easy to clean and operate. I like that it’s also affordable and it works! I highly recommend this product to everyone. I don’t know anyone who wants to deal with animal intruders.

The Ultrasonic Animal Repeller worked great. Not only the small size of the product but the power in the ultrasonic sonic made this the perfect product. The price point was great! I would recommend this product to anyone living in an outdoor area where insects are a common thing. Please take a look at this product and consider buying. Also the shipping time on this product was great, I was bug free within five days of placing my order.

This product is as good as it looks. Its scares pests and other animals away. It provides a way of keeping your house environment at peace with no disturbance of annoying intruders. It is easy to install and convenient to place anywhere around the surrounding compound of the house. It is also environmental friendly with no fear of inhaling any bad chemical pesticide. The ultrasonic sound and the light function very well to scare all kinds of annoying pests away.

I’m usually a fan of Hoonts, but this one I had to pass on. I own dogs and a cat and I was sort of afraid that this one would be good for eliminating raccoon traffic in my yard, but now so good for my pets. I also didn’t want to deter birds from my yard either. Perhaps if it was made for just raccoons and rodents, I would go for this one, but this time I had to take a pass.

This is an easy to install, practical animal deterrent and it works by emitting strong ultrasonic sound and flashing lights that will put any animals off entering your property. The animal repeller is solar powered and chemical free so you can rest assured that you are not harming the environment in any way but are simply protecting your property from unwanted visitors. It’s a good, robust, well-made item that should give years of valuable service.

I have been having a major problem with cats, squirrels and foxes coming into my garden, they have been digging it up and using it as a bathroom. I bought this to get rid of them without hurting them and it worked perfectly. It’s simple to use, effective and it isn’t huge and ugly like some other repellents and it is also safe because there are no chemicals. I haven’t had any animals coming back into the garden since I bought it, I would highly recommend it.

Yes, as advertised, the ultrasonic animal repeller chased all of the animals away. It also causes my children to act like the wild animals I just scared off! It’s like some subconsciuos torture devise from a 1960’s spy movie. Silently, the mysterious set of speakers sticking up out of the field sends its secret message into the minds of the innocent to drive them stark. raving. MAD! This action film is in FULL COLOR! See it now in 3D at a back yard near you!!!!

This ultrasonic pest repeller is amazing. I have been trying to sow grass seed on my lawn for ages but have a huge pigeon problem. As soon as I had sown the seeds I had about 30 pigeons and numerous rabbits feeding on the spoils. Now with the pest repeller my grass looks wonderful. It is solar powered and weather proof and the motion sensor works well. It emits a sound that is inaudible to human ears. Brilliant product. No chemicals too. Highly recommend.

We’d had a lot of problems with cats digging up and messing in our flower beds, so were keen to give this type of device a try. So far it has worked very well, with the instances of cat damage very mucg reduced. It was easy to locate in the corner of the main flower bed towards the place we think they usually enter the garden. So far no problems with the auto recharging of the batteries – we’ve checked the charge a few times and they have always been kept charged. Very pleased with the device after a month of use.

POWERFUL ANIMAL DETERRENT – Blasts all animal intruders out of your property by emitting powerful ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED lights. Eliminate roaming pest animal problems with this aggressive ultrasonic and flashing light animal repeller. Features 7 sensitivity settings. Get rid of Deer, Birds (Pigeons, Woodpeckers, Seagulls, etc.), Cats, Dogs, Bears, Squirrels, Rabbits, Skunks, Bats, Rats, Foxes, Raccoons, Mice and much more. HOW IT WORKS – The Hoont Animal Repeller blasts a range of powerful ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED strobe lights to scare away a wide variety of pests. Equipped with an infrared motion sensor, the pest repeller is activated as soon as a pest animal is detected. Features three (3) ultrasonic frequency settings, plus an optional on/off LED flashing light.

This has been a brilliant product ever since I got it. I live out near a farm and I had been having lots of problems with mice and rats. With a young puppy that has freedom of the gardens we are unable to use pesticides. This pest repeller has meant we have had less pest without using the harmful chemicals. I also have not had to clean up any dead animals as it just repels them and does not kill them. It was extremely easy to install. It requires no tools. With it being solar powered I do not have to worry about it running out of charge. Which means I can trust it to still work when I go away for the weekend.

This Ultrasonic Animal Repeller came ready to use straight away, which was great. All I had to do was turn it on and stick it in the ground. Now I have some peace of mind when I go to work everyday and leave the cats at home. I also use it to deter animals and birds from encroaching on my vegetable patches. This has been great value for money and it is easy to replace the batteries once they are done. The fact it is waterproof and has 6 settings makes it really versatile and it positions well in any garden due to its small size and discretion.

This item is excellent. The website was very useful in describing the item and it does exactly what it says.
I have been using the it since it arrived and I will be recommending it to family and friends.
I am very happy with the delivery and warranty of the item. The cost and delivery charges were very accurate. I am a very happy customer. I will definitely be purchasing another in the near future.

The future is now! At least that was my first thought after seeing this ultrasonic animal repeller. When it picks up and animal on with its motion sensors, it sends out an ultrasonic sound that scares it away! It’s like having your own personal guard tower to keep your front yard clear of any pesky squirrels or noisy birds. It is also small enough that I can take it with me next month when I go camping!

living in th country you can expect all kinds of pesky rodents from mice to ground hogs and others. But since I purchased the Hoont I can honestly say that the rodents stay away. From the tiniest and even the raccoons! No more picking up the trash after those crafty little devils find yet another way to get into my bins so I thank you Hoont. If your looking for something to help stop the pain of rodents the Hoont is for you!

Amazing value!! When I saw this product I couldn’t believe how reasonably priced it was. Perfect for keeping unwanted mammals in your garden at bay, squirrels, cats, dogs all are deterred. The device is weatherproof, and water resistant. It is also exceptionally environmentally friendly, it doesn’t use any chemicals, instead opting for ultrasonic noise and an LED strobe light. Also enhancing it environmental credentials is the fact that it is solar powered. The infra-red motion detector has 7 sensitivity settings ensuring that your garden remains free from pests of all sizes.

The neighbor’s cats have NOT been in my flower bed or on my patio furniture since I installed this 3 weeks ago. I’ve watched the cats jump back and retreat to their own property. I move it around, within a 10 foot area, so the cats don’t get used to it. I hope it lasts along time. I put in new batteries because someone stole the original batteries from the installed unit within 24 hours of me putting it out in my yard. I’m guessing it was effective and the cats’ owner didn’t like it.

The Hoont Powerful Solar Ultrasonic pest repeller was a fantastic purchase! I had no idea that it was going to work, but the product seemed good so I went ahead and bought one. To my surprise, it worked fantastically, and I would highly recommend one to anyone who suffers from bugs and insects. They are perfect devices for the summer time, and it covers a large area very effectively. I am very happy with my purchase, and would buy from this manufacturer again!

This product is ideal for those look to get rid of pesky and annoying pest in terms of rodents and animals. This product operates in a way that is cleans and does not cause any mess. Furthermore, this animal repeller produces ultrasonic sounds that draws animals and rodents away from property. I have been using this product for a few weeks and I notice a decrease of the amount of animals and rodents that comes near my home and does not kill it just keeps them away. I rate this product 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

Really enjoying having a garden clear of animal waste back. This motion activated animal repellent worked so much better than the cat and dog repellent spray which the cats and foxes in the area seemed to ignore. I love that it is solar powered so it is more environmentally friendly than chemical based deterrents. Thanks to the batteries it still works in the gloomy English weather. Would highly recommend this ultrasonic deterrent to anyone with pest control issues in their gardens.

This product is one of the best on the market! This is extremely effective at getting rid of those pesky bugs that make it hard to concentrate or even relax. I love that I can not only use it in the house but its just as effective outside as well! The light spans in 4 directions making it very easy to attract bugs at night so I can have more memorable moments outside on summer nights. Its also very easy to clean which takes all away of the stressful maintenance. I recommend this to anyone who is constantly pestered by annoying insects.

I have purchased a similar type of product from another supplier in the past and I must say I was not overly impressed with it. This product seems a lot more effective but it is difficult to determine how effective as presumably you would never know how many animals it has successfully repelled because you would not see them. I have noticed a distinct reduction in the number of felines in my garden particularly this time of year (mating season) when I used to get a lot of tom cats sitting in the garden catcalling

This is an excellent product for humanely deterring rodents and pests. The device is simple to use: just stick it in the ground and you are ready to go. The repeller is also compact and the solar powered technology makes it very efficient at its job. It is safe to use and eliminates the need for using harmful chemicals to deal with your rodent problem. The product was delivered promptly and efficiently, and I would buy from this vendor again.

This product has work extremely well in getting rid of my mice problem. I think this is a great device as it is cruelty free and allowed me to avoid calling in the exterminator, which made me extremely happy as I’d hate to have to kill the little critters! The solar panel on the top is also a great feature as it means there are no wires needed allowing the device to be discreet, and there’s no faffing about with batteries.

This repeller seems to be working really well. I just bought it due to the fact that the set up looked really easy and it was. Since the repller is solar powered, I don’t have to worry about running cables from an outlet and through my garden. Even though I haven’t been able to consistently monitor my garden, I have noticed there is MUCH less of a mess to clean up. The plants are not damaged, there are no holes dug up in the mulch, and everything looks close to the way I left it!

I was in the market for a different kins of animal repellant for my back yard. This one is different to any kind that I have used before. I would definitely say that it is the best type that I have used before! It worked perfectly and did exactly as was described in the product description. I am so glad i bought this item. If anyone is being bothered by stray animals – I recommend getting this.

The insect repeller that I purchased was an excellent investment and has worked very well for me on my recent camping trip. It arrived quickly and was delivered with care and efficient service in fantastic packaging to ensure that it was in proper condition. The customer support was also fantastic in helping with slight issues setting this up. I’d highly recommend using this for any camping or outdoor trips that you might be going on in future.

I was so happy to finally find a product to eliminate the unwanted animals out of my garden without hurting them. I am terrified of rats and other small rodents, and I do not want to hurt them if they do not enter my house, however when I sit outside I still rather not be frightened by one of them. This product is brilliant to ensure that these small rodents stay out of my garden without having to hurt them! Install is very easy and I even forget it is there most of the time. Very happy with the product! Haven’t spotted a single small rodent since I have installed the product.

Simple and effective! This ultrasonic animal repeller couldn’t be easier. Right out of the box, just charge with a USB charger, or let it charge with the solar panel, stake it in the yard and you’re ready to repel all the pesky animals from your yard. Set the frequency and lights and you won’t have to worry about any unwanted animals pestering you anymore. This is a great, harmless product. No mess, and no dead animals. The ultrasonic animal repeller is humane and effective.

This pest and animal repeller really does the job. I bought one after having a problem with animals getting into the bins and making a mess. It was quick and easy to set up and the choice of sensitivity settings meant that I didn’t need to worry about scaring away every animal in the neighbourhood. Since setting the repeller up I haven’t had a single instance of the bins being disturbed so it definitely works.

Its an excellent product. It works efficiently. Ever since I have installed this product I have noticed considerable decline in rodents and pests in my backyard. It uses solar energy to work so there is no need to worry about the wiring. Although it also came with 3AA rechargeable batteries plus it can also be charged with USB. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is having hard time in shooing away the uninvited guests from their property.

This animal repeller is such good value! I haven’t seen a single critter in my garden since installing it. It’s effective at what it does without obstructing your garden, sometimes I forget I even have it. The fact that it’s solar powered is great, I never need to go out and be constantly changing batteries like I have with other devices. Very quick install too, it’s so easy it only took me 5 minutes! As an animal lover, it’s good for me that the animals are simply kept away in the first place rather than having to clean up smelly dead animals or clean out traps. It’s rained so much lately and it still works perfectly! Would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a good way to de-pest their garden.

This looks like a proper bit of kit, my only worry is someone’ll come along and steal it! In use it’s been great so far at scaring pigeons, unwanted cats, rabbits and rats away from the back yard. The lights are pretty bright so make sure you arrange it not to flash in through your windows. The solar charging works great, I’ve just turned it on and off it goes, no need to recharge them even on a rainy or cloudy week.

This is one of a few reviews that I have ever left. I write this review because this ultrasonic repellent deserves my positive review. Woodpeckers have damaged the west-side wall of my house since I purchased it last Spring. I had to get out of the house almost every morning to shoo away woodpeckers. I tried several products to repel woodpeckers such as reflective tapes, scare eye balloons and even a sticky bird gel on the wall. However, none of them worked well. Reflective tapes and scare eye balloons did not work without sunshine. I could not use a sticky bird gel on the high wall. very satisfied with the purchase.

I have had a problem with unwanted visitors in my garden for a little while. I have tried many methods but nothing really worked. As a last ditch attempt I have tried this and I am very pleased. I think it has been easy to use and the results are great. I have purchased one for my mother who has the same issue and she is very much looking forward to it. Would (and have) recommend.

THe Hoont Fly Zapper is my new favorite product. Since buying it over a month ago, I have enjoyed my outdoor space every night without a single bug bite. The zapper attracts the bugs with its blue light and kills the bugs upon touching the light. The bugs then fall into a tray that easily comes out for disposal of the bugs. I recommend buying this product for your outdoor space if you have bug issues like i did.

We no longer have a chipmunk problem in our garden because of this device. Our tomato plants would always get eaten up by the little critters before we could ever enjoy them. We got one because our dog could not even keep up with the pests. We love this device, and the fact that it basically costs nothing to keep them away all of the time. Now we can actually enjoy our garden this summer.

I own a small restaurant and have recently purchased the Hoont outdoor pest and animal repeller for my garden seating area. The product is a nice size and fairly subtle allowing me to place it on the outskirts of the garden without it posing a distraction to guests. The solar and battery combination makes it a lot more efficient to run especially as a business owner i am always looking for the most cost effective solution. Since the product has been installed there has been considerably less bird pests such as Pidgins and Seagulls bothering my guests making the dining experience far more enjoyable. This is a great product.

This great product by Hoont is a outdoor pest and animal repeller and I am so please I purchased it. After having problems with animals coming into my garden I was looking for a simple solution which would allow me to get rid of unwanted animals in a safe way. The repeller works by using ultrasonic sounds and lights to deter animals. Depending on where you live you may have a variety of animals you would like to keep from the home. Where I live we get a lot of dogs and cats coming into the garden, and occasionally a fox. I know others might have problems with deers or birds and the great thing about this device is it works in repelling all different kinds of animals. So far I am very impressed with the item. As it is solar powered I am able to leave it out in the garden and let it work its magic, however if you want to use it indoors it is also possible to use it via battery power. I like that I have these options and I particularly like that I can help the environment by not using electricity. As I live in a sunny area I am able to charge it in the garden and this is especially rewarding for me. I also love the fact that it is weatherproof. It can cope with rain, snow, ice and winds, this is a must when buying a device for the garden and luckily Hoont have provided a durable and reliable product that will last a long time. Some devices on the market are not designed to last and I would say with this one that you can rest assured that you are buying a top quality item.

5 stars. I’ve had both a woodchuck and apparently squirrels getting into my garden which I had fenced in but given the severe drought we’ve had in eastern Mass they found a way and defoliated my cukes/basil plants as well as eating my cukes and low hanging tomatoes as soon as they began to ripen. Since I dropped this in 3 weeks ago all that activity has stopped so I’m happy and now have a kitchen full of native tomatoes to enjoy!

I am really happy with this purchase! The repeller has multiple choices and options for a range of animals and pests. The differing levels of sensitivity means that this can be aimed towards a variety of problem animals on your property and uses powerful light systems as well as ultrasonic noise to repel and frighten animals that would otherwise pose a pest to the garden and property. Product is unintrusive for us and seems to be hard-wearing and good quality.

The device seems to work well. The area is just about 30 feet so you may need more than 2 depending on what you are guarding. I am trying to keep cats out of my yard. They still seem to find a way to avoid the two I have and still getting in the yard but not where the devices are. I have already referred them to a friend.

Ultrasonic and based on solar energy to keep your garden free from harmful animals. It detects the pests and flashes it light to distract them and keep them away from your garden. Is fully designed for the garden and comes in very reasonable size. This is weather proof and water resistant so don’t worry about the rust etc. Don’t miss the chance and hit the button to order one if you really want to keep pests and other harmful animals away from your garden.

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